I’m Michael Bruchet, Champions Tour & Coach of 27 years.

Over that time, I’ve helped hundreds of my Clients to get the best out of their game, using my MIND, BODY, BALANCE philosophy. It’s the core of my coaching.

It’s helped players of all ages from Juniors to Seniors to take their game to the next level.

I’d love to help you achieve the same results.



Vincent French

I love Golf but I have two prosthetic hips, arrhythmia and life-long obesity issues couldn’t play. I’ve walked with sticks, massive pain and a terrible limp for 25 years. My mind and mood was unhappy. After 60 days working with Michael my limp was nearly gone. My cardiologist was amazed with my progress. I lost...

To become a leading Christian youth ministry that positively impacts the local communities by providing adventure camps and outdoor experiences for underprivileged youth that instill biblical character traits such as bravery, integrity, love and equality.

Build A Game For Life is a Christian youth ministry created by Michael and his wife Lucy. The teen program was derived from Michael Bruchet’s 25 years of coaching experience and implementing his Mind, Body and Balance curriculum combined with sound Biblical principles. Teens that attend our camps will have the opportunity gain useful life skills, learn how to cope…

cope with adversity while having a life changing outdoor experience golfing, fly fishing, backpacking and/or skiing. Biblical values such as: hard work, commitment, integrity, love, respect and equality are instilled to provide a younger generation direction and positive leadership.


We are asking those that are interested in getting involved and helping in our Build A Game For Life Ministry to please get in touch.
the opportunity to get their life off to a better start. Please feel free to contact us on at

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