J T Visbal

I’m co-founder of the First Tee of the Inland Empire, here in Southern California.

I’ve had the privilege of working with a number of world class coaches in my career Don Shula, Pat Riley, John Wooden, Dave Stockton to name a few.

But I’ve come across another individual who’s become a dear friend of mine. His name’s Michael Bruchet.Michael is one of the finest golf instructors I’ve ever seen. He has a very unique approach in working with individuals. He cares about your heart, your mind, your body and your soul.

Michael’s a great golfer in and of his own right but I think he has a real unique way of breaking down the game so that you can play it at the highest levels. I urge you to give Michael a call

J T Visbal – Founder, the First Tee,
Inland Empire

Jay Anderson

I have been around some of the best swing instructors in the world as a professional caddie and now a member of the Canadian PGA.

Michael Bruchet offers something more than other swing instructors. His holistic approach to the game not only prepares you to swing the club better but teaches you to prepare, train and manage your game to its’ fullest potential. Michael delivers the final piece to the puzzle that most good golfers have never been offered and that piece is key to playing anyone’s best golf.

Jay Anderson – PGA of Canada Head Pro

Vincent French

I love Golf but I have two prosthetic hips, arrhythmia and life-long obesity issues couldn’t play. I’ve walked with sticks, massive pain and a terrible limp for 25 years. My mind and mood was unhappy.

After 60 days working with Michael my limp was nearly gone. My cardiologist was amazed with my progress. I lost 30 pounds in the first 12 weeks and gained strength and flexibility.

Michael’s the first person who’s taken the time to teach & show me how to move again.

I love the power stretching & martial arts strength training best.  My mind ‘s now focused and happy.

Thanks for exceeding all of my expectations!

Rob Houlding

I have known Michael for 20 years as a coach and a player. I would describe him as a passionate father, friend, competitor and a socially conscious entrepreneur.

When Michael sets his focus on achieving a goal he will attain it. Michael is driven to be the best at whatever he does and expects that from his clients as well. That’s what makes Michael who he is.ROB HOULDING,

Nigel Stanley

In 2003, I retained Michael’s services for an 8 month period and found the information to be extremely knowledgeable in helping me get the right clubs and being correctly fitted from the start.

I visited Michael 3 times per week and worked hard on my game. We worked on basic fundamentals, grip, swing, stance and balance. I also worked on the mental part of the game.I found Michael brought a wealth of knowledge and expertise. When I started the program I was scoring in the 100’s. I can now score in the 80’s and have won an amateur scoring 74 and finished second in another.

Thank you for all the great work, Michael Bruchet.


Zack Griffiths

Michael’s teaching techniques are unique and easy to understand. I like how he used the muscles mechanics and martial arts to show me how I can generate maximum power and consistency.

Most importantly Michael taught me many valuable lessons about the mental side of golf.The most important thing he taught me is to establish who I am and what is unique about my golf game.

His lessons and tips have helped me progress significantly at the collegiate level and I look forward to working with him again.


Don Welker

I’m 62 and I’ve been golfing since I was 12… I’ve literally taken hundreds of lessons from  several Golf Pros Michael’s unique…

He teaches the bio mechanics of the swing, so you know what it’s supposed to feel like.

Michaels’ coaching took me from shooting mid 100’s to high 80’s
I hired Michael as my Golf Coach AND my Life Coach

Take Your Game to the next level… Hire Michael Bruchet

Anton Chaung

I now realize what MB meant when he said that I didn’t know how to play golf even though I had been studying golf for over 10 years.

I now play the golf course using my mind to control the outcome and now I’m a better player and ball striker.Anton Chaung – Tour Player

Shawn Paduano

Michael shows a tremendous amount of leadership, work ethic and desire to excel both as a player and golf coach.

Shawn Paduano – CPGA Head Pro

Chris Bauman.

Michael doesn’t believe in changing the swing, but rather changing one’s thinking.