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Fenix Review

I’m really excited to share with you this new product clothing line that we’re going to be carrying here in the United States and Canada.

If you’re particular about what you’re looking for in golf clothing, then this new Fenix brand has you covered. Fenix was set up by Mike Moir, an ex golf Pro from Scotland who decided there was space in the golf clothing arena for a product that really addressed the issues golfers find problematic with other brands.He set up a factory in Bangkok, Thailand to manufacture products to European standards using a predominantly European Management Team that oversee all elements of the production and distribution.

When I first got opportunity to try these products, I have to say I was blown away.

And I’ll tell a couple of reasons why:

First, is the quality and the way the shirts are made.The fabrics bring the combination of stretch, breathability, warmth or cooling, all aspects important as an athlete, and they feel great to wear. For comfort the way that it sits on the shoulders,the sleeves just sit really well, no crawling up on your arms and the collar has hidden buttons underneath that keeps the collar in place. All the stitches use surging and under sealing.

Second is the fit and styling.

A concern I had being that it’s made Asia was the fit.

The sizes quoted were perfect for me they actually fit me so well.Usually I have an issue with pants between the thigh and the knee but these pants have ample fabric in the cut plus the fabric stretches, so as an ex hockey player the legs fit there really well. The shirts have also got a ton of movability in them plus the length always stays under your belt if you prefer to tuck your shirt in.

While there’s a good amount of fabric in the cut the styling remains fashionable. Plus, the colors are really vibrant. Please take a look through the gallery yourself and treat yourself to some of the best priced high quality golf gear on the market today.