Father & Son Weekend Retreats

Father & Son Weekend Retreats – $1,500 per person
Family groups wishing to increase bonding while experience different outdoor sporting experiences

This includes everything except airfare. 3 nights hotel accommodation, unless camping option selected, meals, equipment rental and passes.

Retreats will be conducted as groups, limited to maximum twelve persons and minimum six.

Based on my Mind, Body, Balance philosophy… it includes various elements based on seasonal conditions, tailored to suit your group… you deicide the activities, from golf; hiking; fly-fishing; skiing and if you wish camping.

Each day after breakfast we’ll meet up eight o’clock, go through 30-minutes of Tai Chi meditation and stretching practice.

If you select golf we’ll go to the Range at 8.30am for an hour of Purposeful Practice and/or Short Game Mastery techniques.

On golf days, morning tee off for nine holes is around 9.30am and after lunch we tee off around 1pm and play 18 holes. I’ll be assessing your individual thought process in the groups. I’ll rotate my time with the groups playing at least 9 holes with each group per day.

All elements of the fundamentals will be covered along with pre-shot routine set up, visualization course management and risk/reward strategy.

If you select fishing after breakfast we’ll head for the River, with a packed lunch, and I’ll show you all the best techniques to ensure you catch and land fish.

If you select skiing, you’ll need to be at least an intermediate standard so you can ski with the group. I’ll work with you to improve technique and show you some real adventure.

Similarly, with the hiking you’ll need a reasonably good level of fitness to cover at least 10 miles of intensive walking and hill climbing.

We’ll finish each day with dinner (BBQ if camping, possibly with your own catch) and a group Q&A (or around the camp fire) where you can ask me anything you want to know about life on a Pro Tour or anything else you want to delve deeper into.

We give you a 90-day manual to journal and track your progress during and beyond the Retreat.

So these are the programs in which we sell currently that are all listed on the website and each of these programs I would like to have like a five to 10 sentence paragraph outlining what the program is really about who it’s designed for that where we have people working and doing specific programs that are exciting and then maybe we even have the

five days of fly fishing and backpacking retreat in there and maybe we do the five days of ski retreat in there as well.