Champions Circle Program

Champions Circle Program – $7,500
For sub 6 handicap players wanting to win Club Champions

An intensive 6-month Program, much being undertaken online with 6 x 4-hour coaching sessions.

This evaluation will be of the different aspects of your Game, be it at the driving range, in the gym or a playing video evaluation.

On the calls we go through any issues you’ve had that week and prepare you to move forward the following week.

It’s really designed around you and your Game.

Combining physical, mental, life balance development/strengthening exercises, practice drills and routines to build a tournament winning mentality.

We scrutinize your equipment and get your clubs properly set up for you, so they perform in line with your ability.

We do an accurate club distance reviews, adapted for varying weather conditions.

We cover your diet, fitness (including evaluation and a personalized regime), and take you through increasing intensity Tai Chi stretches and various exercises.

We’ll go deep into Mindset and introduce you to meditation, visualization and Pre-Shot Routine.

We show you how to mark up your own yardage book so you can quickly do this for any course you play.

How to Journal and record performance for detailed analysis of where to focus your practice.

We’ll work through the Purposeful Practice Plus manual, (which you’ll take away), analyze and improve your ball striking including shot shaping and manufacturing.

This Program, really benefits players over the age of forty, semi-retired or with a flexible schedule.

If you want to prepare to play in bigger events, like State Opens or USGA Events or your own Club Champions, this is for you!

The soon to be released Champions Circle Program content structure goes into greater depth than the Break 80 System due to player standards.

Champions Circle Program – $7,500

Who It’s For:

  • Sub 6 handicap players with competition winning aspirations

What’s included:

  • Club Fitting Program
  • 6 x 1½ hour Range sessions (30mins 1 to 1 with me)
  • 4 x 18-hole rounds with me in four ball format
  • 2 x 9-hole rounds with me 1 to 1
  • A monthly 15 min check in call
  • Monthly Video evaluation
  • Champions Circle on-line Program access
  • Yardage book preparation

Which Means:

  • You’ll discover and address your games problems at root cause
  • You’ll be given specific tailored exercises to rectify them
  • You’ll be given a plan to improve your physicality, mindset and life balance

Which Really Means:

  • You’ll bring consistency into your game
  • You’ll adopt a Winners mindset
  • You’ll increase your low scoring options
  • You’ll finally start getting the improvements, you’ve been searching for!