Build a Game for Life

Build a Game for Life – $2,500
For all players seeking improvement, who want techniques to deliver it

This 10-hour program is typically broken into five, two-hour lessons primarily on the course golf course. In it we’ll look at every aspect of your Golf game.

Before your appointment I’ll e-mail over a questionnaire I use to on-board all my students, to give me a better understanding about your present game.

I’ll ask you to complete and return this at least 72 hours prior to your appointment.

On the day, we’ll cover my Mind, Body, Balance philosophy and show the different aspects.

We’ll start with 30-mins Tai Chi warm up exercises. This will introduce you to the Body and Mind elements and get you physically and mentally relaxed.

We’ll then go to the Range, hit a few warm up shots, then we’ll hit a variety of shots from my practice drills, (you’ll get my Purposeful Practice Manual, so you won’t forget these).

If you’ve selected to have the Club Fitting Program, we’ll get this done on your first lesson so you obtain maximum benefit.

We address all the key elements covered in the Day Program but more comprehensively. From Tee to putting and everything between.

We use our time on the course to really explore your game, it’s strengths and weaknesses so we can address these to get you playing a stronger game by using your mind and improving your physicality.

I’ll also show you some neat life hacks around time usage and productivity that can help in your work and family life.

By undertaking the Build A Game for Life program, you’ll uncover and understand where your strengths and weaknesses lie.

We’ll help identify who you are as an individual, help you understand, where your focus should be on the golf course. You’ll get a structure and routine, that will allow you to relax on and off the course, so you can play great golf.

By following this structure and routine, your golf game will start to take care of itself, your scores will start to come down and results and accolades will follow. Other clients have found this really life changing in areas from physical athletic ability, strength, diet, mental clarity, calmness, stopping brain fog and visualization.

This course also goes hand in hand with the Break 80 System and even if you’re not signed up for this Program you’ll be expected to put in some work between lessons.

Build a Game for Life – $2,500

Who It’s For:

  • All players seeking improvement, who want techniques to deliver it

What’s included:

  • Initial 2-Hour 1 to 1 Club Fitting Program (or extra 9 holes)
  • Every lesson reinforces my Mind, Body, Balance philosophy
  • 30-minute focussed Tai Chi tuition every lesson
  • 4 x 30-minute various Range lesson/assessments & Purposeful Practice techniques
  • 4 x 9 hole 1 to 1 Overview Playing Program
  • Player current game assessment & ability analysis
  • On Course Hole Management advice & recommendations
  • Specific Short Game Mastery analysis & tuition
  • Break 80 System Journal/Manual
  • Personal Recommendation Report

Which Means:

  • You’ll discover and address your games problems at root cause
  • You’ll be given specific tailored exercises to rectify them
  • You’ll be given a plan to improve your physicality, mindset and life balance

Which Really Means:

  • You’ll bring consistency into your game
  • You’ll adopt a Winners mindset
  • You’ll increase your low scoring options
  • You’ll finally start getting the improvements, you’ve been searching for!